Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Special Celebration

Students were very enthusiastic when they started using the electronic book this year in the Informatics period. Indeed they have become more motivated and involved. Adha is coming up, so the students of grades 2 and 4 practiced the skills that they acquired using the "drawing" tool of the e-book to create beautiful drawings and were eager to share it with their friends. Adha Mubarak to all!


amine daouk said...

Go Clovers forward go
you are in a race with yourselves
you are in the front and gaining speed

I am e-proud of you ALL

Thanks Samar

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

E-proud , I like :-)
In an ICT workshop it takes me some hours to discuss wt's econfidence in different contexts & here you simply coin a similar word: "eproud."
Hats off!

amine daouk said...