Friday, January 07, 2011

Our First Skype Experience

in Colorado, USA

"On Friday we skyped with our friends in Beirut, Lebanon. We have been friends for a year and a half, but because of the time difference, this was our first skype. Rawya's students in Beirut met at her home in the early evening to make this possible. We were so excited and happy to talk to our friends in person!"

Mrs. Cheryl Arnett- Sunset Elementary School, Craig, Colorado, USA

in Beirut

In spite of the big time difference between Colorado, USA and Beirut, Lebanon, we've found a way to skype. We met at our teacher's house this afternoon at 5: 30 pm our time while it was 8: 30 am in Colorado. We were pretty excited to be able to video chat with our friends. It's a very authentic and powerful experience for us.
Thank you for skyping with us and hoping to set up a meeting another time.
...and another thank you goes for the parents who are helping us in every possible way! You are making a huge difference!


amine daouk said...

It Looks like there is no "in spite of's" where Rawya and Cheryl are concerned... at home, in the school , at night in the morning... time differences... all these "in spites" just drop away where the determination to be innovative by our two ambassadors is concerned...

congratulations.. another notch on the handle

Rawya Shatila said...

all these "in spites" drop away when we are encouraged with words of suppport by a great leader!
It makes us extremely happy to know that our work is appreciated!
It means so much to us...