Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Way We Play: ePals

We hope to learn more games from our friends around the world.

We all like to play games. There are many games that are fun and enjoyable for us. ePals has started a project about the way we play and many schools from different countries shared this activity and, of course, we shared , too.

"The Way We Play" project on ePals:

(What are the games or sports that you play in your country?
In your presentation, include:
Games or sports that you play in your country and show us how the game or sport is played or tell us about any rules that someone playing the game or sport has to follow.)

Here is the link to our video which is also featured with five stars on the ePals website:
Thank you ePals for helping us start our new year  in a very positive way.

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