Thursday, January 12, 2012

Math And Science Stars!

At the end of the first term, we shall bow to our young scientists and mathematicians. They proved to be so intelligent and determined to achieve their goal as being the best achievers in both Math and Science.

Grade 1: Abed Al-Rahim Al-Hani, Ahmad Msahel
Grade 2: Mohammad Itani, Ghina Rashwani
Grade 3: Amar Zein, Youssef Halabi
Grade 4: Ruba Ani, Ahmad Melhem, Jamal Yamout
Grade 5: Muhideen Al-Tabesh, Bilal Fakhoury
Grade 6 Mohammad Shatila, Omar Wazzan
Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

mabrouk to u all.......&like to see my son ali bissani one of u next time.
jamal kara bissani

Rana Sabbidine said...

GO KSPS students GO!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOU ALL...Keep you hard work up.

nada bashashi yamout said...

مبروك مبروك ألفين مبروك
إلى مزيد من التـّقدّم والنجاح يا براعم خليل شهاب

Anonymous said...

So cute .. <3


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