Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Technology Rocks!

The era of technology brought advanced technologies that had a significant effect on the way we live. New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed. Several technological inventions invaded our classrooms, and had a major impact across all curriculum areas and enhanced the teaching skills and learning abilities.
The “ActivBoard” is providing instant access to a vast array of data, challenging assimilation and assessment skills. Collaborative learning is accomplished while using “Mouse Mischief”. Moreover, we are using the “ActivSlate” in our classrooms. It is a wireless, notebook-sized graphics tablet, which brings control of the “ActivBoard” to every corner of the classroom. Using “ActivSlate” teachers can instruct directly from inside group discussions or pass to students for input. It encourages students to interact with their peers and communicate ideas.


Rasha Saleh said...

Miss Rawaa always following the newest techniques and methods...very nice

Rana Sabbidine said...

I agree with you Rasha. Mrs. Rawaa is not only an ICT trainer, but also a contributor at KSPS. Thank you Rawaa for your efforts and initiatives that I really appreciate.