Saturday, December 14, 2013

KSPS supporting Blue Gold Lebanon

Our young clovers started supporting Blue Gold from the day the program was launched. They ran in Beirut Marathon on Sunday November 10th to support Blue Gold.
Since KSPS students knew that water is indeed our most valuable national resource ,more valuable than oil and gas, they launched an awareness campaign to collect votes for Blue Gold. They encouraged their teachers, friends, and family members to vote for Blue Gold.
What is Blue Gold Lebanon?
Blue Gold is an innovative, visionary 5-year plan that will increase the amount of available water to 500 million m3 as of 2020 and 1 billion m3 by 2030.
Please Click Here to vote for Blue Gold Lebanon.
When you vote you will contribute in collecting 1 million signatures to implement Blue Gold 5year plan and to form a National Water Council for Lebanon. 
Take action, you will trigger the change for a better Lebanon!




Anonymous said...

As a makassed KSPS student, I am very pleased to help my community by voting to Blue Gold Lebanon

Ruba Ani
Grade 6 student

Salma Ahmed said...

Although Lebanon isn’t my country, I’m Egyptian, it is my pleasure to vote for Blue Gold to help this beautiful country to become better and even the best.

sana itani said...

my community is me so i have to vote so i can make it better