Monday, December 09, 2013

Science is Fun!

Throughout the last week, and during the science sessions, students were exposed to several teaching and learning habits that aimed to sum up all the first term lessons.  Interactive learning was an objective during the Science session.
Various hands-on activities, games, visual aids, and songs were integrated in the science classroom.
While learning about cells, students conducted different experiments to learn about “cell parts, cell types, function of cells, comparing and contrasting between cells”. They made posters, used the microscope, and modeled cells using jelo (cytoplasm), oranges, jelly beans and apples as the cells’ organelles.
Moreover, students were exposed to various science activities were music was integrated with the subject matter. This helped in engaging students in the learning process and making connections with their daily lives. You can check the following website if you would like to listen to science songs:
Finally, students watched interactive flipcharts on daily basis.
Our classes are indeed full of excitement; and this leads us to the conclusion that everything learners feel and experience can reach their hearts and fortify their knowledge.

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Rana Sabbidine said...

This is how differentiated classrooms should look like!