Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome Back "Selfies"

As the school’s gate opened early this morning, our young clovers rushed to start a new scholastic year that will be full of success and great achievements. Students hurried to greet and welcome their teachers and classmates. I was elated and excited to welcome back my old students and meet new ones. It was a great way to welcome back our young clovers by taking “Selfies” that filled the walls of our school with laughter and joy.


amine daouk said...

This is the way the World goes round and round...

Happy New School Year to all Teachers and Students at KSPS.. yes we all are looking forward to a year full of successes

My best wishes to all

Amine M daouk

Gassia Topoushian said...
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Gassia Topoushian said...

When you teach and you are a teacher,they say you NEVER get old.
All the best!

Samar Lawand said...