Thursday, April 30, 2015

Global Food Show and Tell (iEARN Project)

KSPS third graders are participating in "Global Food Show and Tell" IEarn project . As a result an event was held in KSPS hall  showing all  students different international recipes they learned from our partner schools .  Moreover they prepared  "Recipes Around The World" book where they collected different recipes from USA ,Mexico ,Pakistan and Romania. At the end , the students enjoyed USA favorite breakfast cornflakes with orange juice.



Rawaa Shehab said...

KSPS students are always eager to learn new things around the globe. iEarn projects are facilitating this and we are raising international students now!

Sunita Gandhi said...

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Rawaa Shehab said...

You are always welcomed to give our blog a visit.
The math and science department always shares its activities; Sharing is caring ;)