Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It’s Zero Discrimination Day at KSPS

Zero Discrimination Day is an annual worldwide event to celebrate diversity and reject discrimination.
 Since KSPS is a learning community that rejects discrimination, its young clovers decided to celebrate “zero discrimination day” in a funny and unique way.
They said no for discrimination and yes for equity. Yes we are all equal; we all have the same rights and responsibilities regardless our nationality.
Students of different nationalities at KSPS wore their mother country traditional costumes , presented power point presentations about their countries, and prepared delicious traditional food from their mother country.

                     Shaed, Karen, Isam and Moataz are Palestinians  
                          Nesray and Maya came from Philippines   
                                            Karen is from Egypt

                                             Lilas was born in China

                      The butterfly is the symbol of Zero Discrimination Day
We shared our school’s photos on zero discrimination day Facebook page

             We had the chance to taste different international food
Our parents celebrated the zero discrimination day with us too

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