Thursday, October 08, 2015

What is Respect?!

This month all KSPS students are learning about a new value “Respect”.
What is respect? And why it is important for us to be respectful? To answer these questions 6th graders did some investigations; they browsed the net and asked their parents and teachers about the meaning of respect. Now it’s time to translate their understandings into actions, every student wrote a different experience they faced where they disrespected their parents, siblings, friends…
Every student shared his/her experience in front of the whole class, then we selected a 6th grader story and acted it out.

Script by: Ahmad Imad
Mother: Jana Al Ghaly
Dad: Jalal Hijazi
Son: Mohammad Al Masri

Finally, we used “Wordle” a web 2.0 tool to write synonyms of respect that we learned in this activity.



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