Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wrinkled Hearts (Be Respectful!)

Grade 4 students learned the importance of being respectful to others through this amazing activity “Wrinkled Hearts “.

We started the activity with a simple heart shape .I told them that this is the heart of a boy named “Fadi” who just started his first day in the new school, and we are going to listen to his story. I asked them that each time they hear a comment that hurts the boy‘s feeling they should crumble a section of the heart. We continued that until the heart was all crumbled.

Then we discussed how bad Fadi was feeling and that they should know that each time they say something hurtful to someone ,they are putting a little wrinkle in that person’s heart.

After that  I asked them to tell things they might say to Fadi so he would know he was important and we respected him, with each response we tried to smooth out the paper, but of course the wrinkles can still be seen .No matter how hard we tried we can’t take back the hurtful comments that we say.
At the end, we wrote a poem in the middle of the heart and we hanged the wrinkled hearts on the bulletin board, it will serve as a great reminder all year long.
Before you speak
Think and be smart
It’s hard to fix
A wrinkled heart


Rowayda Aslan said...

Really creative
Great effort Ms. Nehmat

Rowayda Aslan said...

Really creative
Great effort Ms. Nehmat

Rana Sabbidine said...

Wonderful work Nemat

Keep it up!!!