Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dear friend of Makassed KSPS,

You probably have noticed that green is everywhere these days, news, politics, schools, technology, switching to organic food, recycling etc… Because we cannot stand silent and do nothing as we see mother earth suffering. Because we feel that we have to take active steps and do our part in saving the environment. Because we aim at raising environmentalists not only aware of the serious natural problems that might threaten their lives and future, but also help them believe and realize that they are part of the solution rather than the problem, proving that kids can make a difference, we have developed a "Green School Project" and participated in " The Green School Award Competition" organized by Bank Med.

How did we go green at Makassed KSPS? We used simple strategies to integrate environmental education into all classrooms from Nursery to Grade 6. Students have participated in a myriad of activities that increased both their awareness of environmental issues and their capacity to act affirmatively on such issue. Our students recycled paper, monitored use of energy, cleaned beaches, planted trees, guided their families, etc… We also adopted an earth friendly theme for the artwork that adorns our bulletin board in the building, halls, playground, and classrooms. By going green we did not have to add any layer of the curriculum or compromise any existing program. We just added a greater dimension and scope to our existing curriculum.

"Go Green Fundraiser" is one of the important event in this regard. We want to reach out for the community, showing them what we did and hoping they get enthusiastic and join us in our green cause. After a short presentation on Monday, April 26, at 10:00 am, we are having a bake sale and a garage sale at Gezairi Building, Hamra. Students are going to sell different used items. The money raised will help us carry on with our project and fulfill our goal. For instance, we will use the money raised, among other things, to buy pots with various plants and flowers and place them on the window sills all around school, and we will put signs everywhere at school about saving water and energy and protecting the environment.

In order to ensure the success of our mission and reach the objective that we have put, your sharing and support in this event is much appreciated. This is a call for help. We are the first lines of defense in the environmental movement and together we will make a difference. We hope to reshape children views and habits which then transcends from school, to home, and beyond we hope this awareness transfers to their lives outside school. We really hope you join us at our event. We are looking forward to see you on Monday and in green!

Be With Us the Change You Wish to See in the World!

Ghina Albadawi Hafez


amine daouk said...

This is one more KSPS trip to excellence

The imagination of window flowering plants will get that Green Clover School the colours of the creation to add to the flavour of success.

God Bless you

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

We will be waiting for you...and in green ;)

zeina shehab said...

Making a difference is one of KSPS aims that we're used to. Inshalla this time we'll make a change to the green color. Go Makassed Clovers Goooooooooo