Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Honorlist Students

Congratulations to our stars:
-Grade Two:
Ahmad Melhem,Jamal Yamout, Lana Abadi and Mostapha Kasmiyyeh.
-Grade Three:
Dana Shehab, Rakan Alkhatib, Ali Bissani, Mohammad Shehab, Mohammad AlHussein, Mohammad Darwich and Mouhieddine AlTabsh.
-Grade Four:
Dana Khorbotly, Omar Wazzan, Mohammad Shatila, Mounir Shmaissany, Mervat Shehab and Wassim Itani.
-Grade Five:
Iman Shehab, Reham Fedawi, Mahmoud Saadeh, Nour Itani and Nour Helou.
Grade Six:
Salem Shatila, Fatima Shatila, Fatima Abu Akilah, Mohammad Daouk and Mohammad Sidani.


amine daouk said...

Stars are Twinkling in the Skies
Clovers singing with a prize

Mother hen is proud as punch
Dounia seems to love this bunch

All of you at Kahlil Sh-hab
In that Chocolate cake you just dab

Taste your fingers and go yum !!!
Smile to your hen who is your mum


Ghina Al-Badawi said...

We were wobbling from side to side,
Perplexed,lost, unable to decide.

Long until a light that shimmers,
Gave us an idea of a clover that glitters.

Makassed's father and our guide,
Much honored president,indeed a pride!