Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Fundraiser Was A Success

Yesterday was not a regular school day, but rather a green school day with the final event of The Green School Project was taking place. The garage and bake sale titled " Go Green Fundraiser" started at ten with a presentation about The Environmental Awareness Week activities and a short power point presentation summarizing all activities with pictures. We were very happy to see many guests sharing in our event. We had visitors from other Makassed schools like: Omar Bin Al Khattab, Ali Bin Abi Taleb, Abi Baker Al Sadeeq, Makassed College for Girls, and Khadija Al Kobra. Students enthusiastically rushed to have a look at the items being sold to choose from them and encircled the cotton candy and pop corn machines, while other waited for their turn to get a beautiful face painting. KSPS students demonstrated very good communication skills as they were the ones responsible for selling items and food and collecting money. They also were present at the different bulletin boards on which most of the projects were displayed to explain to the visitors more about every project. Because success is measured by the outcome, then we are elated to announce that the event was a most successful one. Our aim was achieved and it is not too late before you notice the direct change. The school will have a new look as the pots of flowers and plants will cover our window sills and turn our school to a true green school. Special thanks go to the Makassed community, President Amine Al Daouk, Miss Adla Shatila, Mr. Mohammad Al Machnouk, and Mr. Kamel Dallal for their sharing and contribution and continuous support and motivation. We would like to that all the schools that came and took part in our event. A sincere thank you to Bank Med is pioneer in adopting a project that encourages schools to take green steps. We are grateful to each and every person belonging to KSPS family; to the parents' committee for being there and lending a big hand. Together we were and will always able to achieve success and always strive for excellence.


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