Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Hour with a Nutritionist

After studying about the Food Pyramid and its components, grade 5 students were elated to welcome Miss Maysa Richani, a nutritionist, in their classroom.
Ms. Maysa encouraged students to eat a variety of healthy foods that enable them to feel better and to enjoy a better quality of life. She insisted that eating a balanced diet can prevent serious health problems as children grow into adulthood.
Then we all watched a Power Point that showed that a nutritious, balanced diet for children should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, beans, nuts and low-fat dairy products. Children should eat some food from each food group everyday. It is also important to limit the amount of saturated fats and sugar that children consume.
All students felt happy asking and listening to Ms. Maysa’s tips, and they promised her to eat healthy food and avoid junk food as possible as they can!

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