Monday, April 25, 2011

Launching the E-waste Campaign at Makassed Schools

As you might know, students and staff at Makassed KSPS are working with “Beeatoona”, a non-governmental organization, which aims to promote good environmental practice for sustainable development. “Beeatoona” launched a campaign to collect batteries and electronic wastes to recycle them.
For this reason, two grade 6 students, Nour and Ali, visited all Makassed schools in Beirut and asked their principals to plug into the e-waste campaign. We promised the principals to pass by their schools during the last week of May 2011, to collect batteries, CD’s, and other kinds of e-waste found at their schools. All e-waste will be sent to “Beeatoona” where they will be processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

At Aicha Om El- Mou’minin School

At Omar Bin Al Khataab School

At Ali Bin Abi Taleb Primary School
At Abed Al Hadi Debs Institute

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