Friday, April 01, 2011

A Package from Japan

We're so pleased to receive a package from our dear friend in Japan, Hikari...
We're glad you've enjoyed reading our letters!

Beautiful Displays

and best wishes from Lebanon
Big Thank You...We loved those awesome erasers!

Thanks a lot, Hikari!

You made our day!

 "Thank You Cards"
Dear Hikari,
We were worried about you and about our friends in Japan...We thought of you all immediately when we heard about the earthquake and Tsunami in your country. We can't even imagine how frightening and scary it must be there...
Thank God you are all ok! Our thoughts are with you...
Be safe!... many prayers for you and to everyone who is suffering from the disaster. 

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Ghina Al-Badawi said...

It was sooo sweet of her to send those letters and erasers..
We have a facebook group called "Solidarity with Japan", just in case she would like to join it.
Thank you dear Rawya for all the international links you are starting.