Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Dance

Big Dance is one of the most integrated acitivity done in the school. It was conducted in the same period in different countries. Same movements, same vibrations, same cooperation and spirit were spotted in different locations of the world. It took place Friday May 20,2011 in Down Town near the clock at 3 p.m where the British Ambassador Ms.Guy and BC director Ms Barbara Hewitt watched the students’ performance. It is the taste of international work and global diversity. The purpose of the event is to leverage the number of participants to 3 millions around the year 2012 to break the Guinness record as a Big Dance. It was an incredible and exciting show. At the end, a big and warm Thanks for the British Council, and especially Mayssa Dawi, the project coordinator who gave us the opportunity to participate in this global work and promising outcome.

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