Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Beloved River

Incorporation with Med Bank on working on the “Green School” Grade three students attended a puppet show about “Our Beloved River” that was prepared by grade four. Through this show grade four showed third graders the importance of water and the way we should take care of it in order to save our environment and fulfill our needs: such as drinking, washing, showering… At the end of this productive show, grade four students took the role of the teacher and held out a discussion that was seized to make sure students’ attitudes and habits will become environmental friendly. Thanks to our dear students in grade four: Odai Ghaleb who played the role of the narrator and was responsible for holding the discussion at the end of the puppet show. He played his role successfully in asking appropriate questions and providing third graders with related important information according to the topic. Also, thanks to Hiba Azani who played the role of the princess and gave crucial advice to third graders concerning protecting our environment. Thank you Ali Bissani, Rakan El Khatib, Mohamad Misto, Aya Dokmak my dear students you did a great job to make this show successful…

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