Sunday, May 22, 2011

Makassed ERC workshop: Integrating Mouse Mischief in classrooms

Different workshops organized by Makassed ERC took place on Friday May 20th. One of these workshops was about the new Microsoft technology “Mouse Mischief” and how to integrate it in classrooms. Twenty – five participants from different Makassed schools attended this session. The session provided training on what is “Mouse Mischief”, how to use it, its features, advantages, and the best ways to integrate it in the classroom. Attendees watched several presentations of sample lessons where I used “Mouse Mischief” technology with my students. At the end of the workshop a show-and- tell discussion was held in which attendees made presentations about the skills that were discussed in the workshop.
Special thanks go to Makassed ERC for organizing this workshop to keep teachers ahead with the latest technologies.


amine daouk said...

I liked very much what I heard from people who attended this session. It is gratifying to note the professionalism with which our Makassed Staff perform in academic environment.
I Thank you Rawaa for YOUR professional performance and feel very grateful that Makassed is on the right track

Best wishes to more and more

Rawaa Shehab said...

Dear President,
Actually it is gratifying to read your encouraging comment. I felt very happy to conduct this workshop and share this new technology with others.
God bless YOU to keep Makassed a pioneer in all aspects.