Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sad Tooth, Happy Tooth

“Dental Care” is a project that engages first graders in several Science activities to encourage students to take care of their teeth.
Ms. Mayssa Richani, a nutritionist, visited grade 1 class and discussed with students the importance and reasons of taking care of their teeth, using their baby teeth and brushing them. Ms. Richani pinpointed the kinds of food that help in keeping healthy teeth.

At the end of Ms. Mayssa’s presentation, students’ had to draw the food that help us maintain healthy teeth on the “Happy Tooth”, and the food that causes teeth decay on the “Sad Tooth”.



Rana Sabbidine said...

A very nice project. Thank you Ms. Richani ur for your visit. Well done Ms. Nemat and Ms. Rawaa :)

nada bashashi yamout said...

اي اي يا سناني سني موجع خلاني اخدتني الماما وراحت عندى طبيب الاسنان