Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Copenhagen Students Speak Contest: Congratulations to Mohammad Darwiche!

Mohammad, you did it! I was always sure you would!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
We are so proud to announce that our student, Mohammad Darwiche, was on the Top Fifteen winners of the Copenhagen Students Speak Contest. The Top Entries will be compiled onto a DVD to be presented to world leaders at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, December 7-18, 2009.
We'd like to share our success with you...Please follow the links:


Rawaa Shehab said...

Frankly speaking,this is the first time I really know what it is like to be proud.I am elated to be a member in KSPS family.I am definitely learning a lot.It is the best place for creative ideas to have a soil that nurturs it and helps it develope into reality.My passion for teaching has found its right place to be!

Rana said...

Who said that the sky is the limit?
We first had a vision and a dream.
Would it be possible?
Could it be?
Our own little student
With his strong character
And great speech
One among many
A fresh blooming clover
Catching the attention of world leaders when he speaks
With a smile shining crystal clear

A GREAT salute is given
To the person who made it all happen
Who believed in Mohammad's talent
And pushed him to the limit
Developing his potentials to the fullest
THANK YOU Mrs. Rawya and may you always be blessed with such a pioneer spirit

Wadad Tabbara said...

من القلب، ألف مبروك للطالب محمد درويش ولمدرسة خليل شهاب مع التمنيات بالتألق الدائم

ghina zein naccash said...

مبروك لمحمد درويش
هذا بفضل مجهود الاساتذة و الادارة
أدامكم الله بهذه الهمة و العطاء