Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Gift To Our Gifted Student

Mohammad with Dr. Kamel Dallal
proud mom
Our Makassed has always been known for keeping a guarding eye of the gifted students and their special endeavors. This time it was the turn of our brilliant student Mohammad Darwiche to be appreciated by praise and a laptop presented to him by Dr. Kamel Dallal, the director of educational affairs. This present was chosen by Miss Adla Chatila, the director of IT and finance departments.
We thank them both for taking care of our "young clovers". We also congratulate Mohammad for winning the Copenhagen Climate Speech Contest...We wish you all the best, all the time!


amine daouk said...

you lucky young man... to get a laptop... wowwww you really must deserve it

and so you do My Dear Clover... well earned and deserved gift...

but do you know who is the luckiest here???

it is Makassed who has you as a student of KSPS, and thanks to your big hen, Ms Ghina, and the active Hen Ms Rawya and the gracious Hen Ms Adla... you and Dr Dallal stand around the great laptop

Keep it up Mohamad... you are a great speech maker and a wonder Makassidi...


maha said...

go go mohamad
maha abadi