Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Amazing Visitor

We,students and staff of KSPS are so grateful for sending us the new amazing technical visitor that intends to stay with us the whole academic year in all classes giving a helping hand in the learning process.We are overwhelmed by the interactive whiteboards and we hope that our result will meet the expectations in being so successful and fruitful ones. We thank President Amine Daouk and Miss Adla Shatila,the head of IT Department at Makassed,for their continuous support and implementation of an IT strategic plan at Makassed to keep it a pioneer in all aspects. What is amazing about interactive whiteboards is grabbing students’ attention with the learning process through technology.Students come to the classroom having spent most of their out-of-school time surrounded by the wonders of technology.In order to compete with the outside world we want our school to embrace all forms of technology so that students remain excited,involved and interested in the learning procedure that is taking place.Interactive whiteboards provide numerous opportunities to improve teaching while also keeping students highly involved.

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Ghina Al-Badawi said...

I like the title :)
Itis becoming a family member now!!!!hehehe
The excitement of the kids is beyond imagination. We are all entering a new world.THANKS MAKASSED. You never failed us.