Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can You Draw My Monster?

with President Amine Daouk and Dr. Dallal

with special visitors from the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah We are delighted and honored by your visit. We hope you all enjoyed your time in our classroom...Thank you so much! This video shows our drawings after we read our friends' descriptions of their own monsters.

The Project Idea

Draw a monster. Write a description of it. Post your description on this page. Put your name and location under your description. Students from other schools will try to draw your monster using your description. Post your drawings under the description. When the drawings have been posted, post the original drawings to compare! Let's have some fun and become expert describers!!!


amine daouk said...

It was a great pleasure and pride to show our visitors from the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah the most advanced classroom Instruction Equipment used in our Makassed Khalil Shehab School... the first of its kind in Lebanon.

I am proud of you ALL... Principal, teachers and Students...

Whoever will see this post will realise that KSPS is up front with the leading schools in Modern Methods !!! Qoran and Islam religious studies with e-book

They have to see it to believe it

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Honor and delight were overwhelming us cz u chose our school for your guests to visit.

Nchalla u felt deep inside that u made the right choice

Abir Alkoush said...

شرّفنا حضوركم وأسعدنا زيارتكم
فآهلآ وسهلآ بكم:)