Friday, October 29, 2010

Math with Mom and Dad

Group A with Mr.Saeed Saadeh Group B with Mrs.Itani Group C with Mrs.Najwa Shehab The last math period was not the same as everyday for grade 6 students.Special visitors were present in our class.Three parents were invited to attend the math class with their children.Students were divided into 3 groups and every parent joined one.The session started, every student and the parents took a worksheet that contains 27 mathematical expressions.Then,collaborative work started.Students' and parents' job was to answer these expressions correctly in order to unlock the password.Each group selected a reporter to announce the group's result.The password was: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. P= parentheses E= exponent M=multiplication D= division A= addition S= subtraction At the end of the session,every parent filled a questionnaire to check if they enjoyed this session and if they would like to repeat this experience with their children.Also,every parent took a thank you card for their effective contribution. When mom and dad are present Learning becomes definitely so much fun!


maha abadi said...

when I was miss rawaa's student i used to complain from hard lessons but now when i looked at grade seven math book i realized that your lessons are easier than writing my name I miss you alot

Rawaa Shehab said...

I miss you more dear Maha.
you realized that grade 6 Math lessons were easy because you are an intelligent student.
keep it up:)