Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Technology at KSPS

When you visit our school this year, you will definitely notice the changes that happened in it especially with new technology items. Going up the stairs, a T.V. screen captures your attention. It is used to display pictures, videos, and slide shows of the various activities that were and will be done throughout the year. You will also find an LCD screen in each classroom. It is a step forward to follow up with our aim of integrating ICT into teaching. Students have no longer to go to the computer lab or the library when their teacher has something to show them or has a power point presentation of her lesson. Students will stay in their classes while teachers take advantage of the privilege of having the screen, which very few schools in Lebanon were able to equip its classrooms with. Parents also got a list of teachers’ emails so that they can ask about the progress of their children without coming to school. Major renovations took place this year in the computer lab. It was enlarged in space and with more computers so that the whole class would be present at the same time there. Finally, we are proud of launching our website. Our school is the first school among all Makassed school to have its own website. If you would like to have a look at it, go to: and don't forget our blog to keep up with all what's happening at school: We thank Mr. Shehab for the generous donation for the rehabilitation of the computer lab, and President Daouk and Miss Adla Shatila, the head of IT Department at Makassed, for their continuous support and implementation of an IT strategic plan at Makassed to keep it a pioneer in all aspects.


adla said...

thanks for you KSPS Team for giving us this opportunity to provide IT technology inside your classrooms to be used with qualified and trained teachers
Adla chatila
IT & Finance Director
Makassed Association

Rawya Shatila said...

Thank you Miss Adla so much for all your hard work and efforts to support our use of technology!

and..... we really can't wait to start using the interactive white board in our classrooms...I'm sure it will completely change the way we teach.

adla said...

Thanks for you Mrs Shatila
be sure that you will be the first school that will benefit from this interactive board

Ghassan Atrouni said...

Ideas are constructing.
Visions are fulfilled.
Dreams are coming true.
One day WE WILL achieve what is made to be.
Go Clovers …..

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Dear Ghassan,
Who can but say that you were a key player at KSPS team?You helped build up that dream which is coming true and we thank you for all you did.
Hope you all the best at Alfarouk.
Once a clover, always a clover!

Ghassan Atrouni said...

Once a clover, always a clover!
This is a phrase that describes whom am I
I am proud to be one of the clover team and I am always will be