Monday, October 12, 2009

A Journey inside a Plant Cell

Yesterday during the science session we studied animal and plant cell.We all liked this lesson a lot. At night,I saw a strange dream.I saw all grade 6 students inside a plant cell.We saw two doors,the cell wall and cell membrane.We knocked on the walls and entered the cell. We were amazed since our color changed to green. We started sliding on the cytoplasm, and then we went to the nucleus where we saw chromosomes using computers to control the cell’s activities. We felt hungry so we rushed to the vacuole where we ate and drank.Feeling exhausted we hurried to the mitochondria to take some energy. Suddenly I heard my mom’s voice calling me: “wake up it's time to go to school;try not to be late”.I rushed to school to tell my friends and teacher about my strange dream.It was a journey inside a plant cell. Grade 6 Student: Maha Abadi

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