Thursday, January 07, 2010

Congratulations to Our Shining Stars!

For your hard work And distinguished efforts Has greatly paid off Smile brilliant clovers For your great achievement is shining bright Our honor list students Another reason for happiness and pride We are elated to announce the names of the students that had marvellous achievement in Term One. Grade One: Nisray Theologo Grade Two: Ahmad Melhem, Jamal Yamout, and Sana Itani Grade Three: Muheiddine Al Tabosh, Mohammad Darwiche, Dana Shehab, and Mohammad Al Hussein Grade Four: Mohammad Shatila, Mounir Shmeissany, Omar Wazzan, Hadi Nasser, and Inas Kanakri Grade Five: Nour Itani and Iman Shehab Grade Six: Fatima Abu Akila, Maha Abadi,Fatima Shatila, Carol Kebrit, and Salem Shatila Congratulations! Keep up the great work!


amine daouk said...



you make me Jealous... I want a certificate tooooo

congratulations for a beautiful encouraging gesture
Marvelous people in KSPS
Clovers Galore

Maha Abadi said...

I am realy happy because I am an Honor List student at KSPS.

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Dear President,
I want to tell you about Maha.She is a super student in every aspect.She's got the brain the manners and the looks
Sooooo proud of you Maha

Siham Othman said...

We are SO Proud :) :)

Maha Abadi said...

Thank you Mrs. Ghina about all the nice things u wrote about me I am realy unable to write anything to thank u. All what I can say THANK U VEEEEERY MUCH.

Maha Abadi said...

Mr. Amine Al-Daouk ,if you realy want a certificate u can take mine because I have more than 6 certificates at home.

amine daouk said...

Dear Maha

If you will please lend me one of your certificates, I will make a photocopy of it and post it in my office... from you to your president... and return the original to you

thank you .... smiles

Amine Daouk

Maha Abadi said...

Mr. Amine Daouk,
Sure I'll give you a certificate but not to photocopy, to take it and put it at your office and write under it:
From The Clover Maha Abadi To Mr. Amine Daouk.

amine daouk said...

My Dear Maha

This will make me very happy
thank you

and I will be your friend


Maha Abadi said...

Mr. Amine Daouk,
To be a friend to you this will make me toooooooo happy

Rawaa Shehab said...

Lucky Maha :)

Maha Abadi said...

Sure Iam lucky but not only to have Mr. Amine Daouk as a freind but to have a teacher like you Miss Rawaa.