Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Distinguished Conduct

Since one of our aims is to raise responsible individuals having a remarkable attitude, great attention is given to conduct and behavior. For that reason, "The Good Conduct Award" was given to students who have modeled excellent behavior and distinguished conduct.
Grade Two: Jamal Yamout and Lama Akl
Grade Three: Mona Takkoush , Mohammad Darwiche , and Muhieddine Al Tabosh
Grade Four:Dana Khorbotli , Inas Kanakri , Omar Al Wazzan , and Suha Badereddine
Grade Five: Reham Fedawi , Iman Shehab , and Marwa Al Habbal
Grade Six: Ghida Kassab ,Fatima Abu Akila ,Mona Kahaf , and Mirna Shatila
In addition, students who have shown improvement in conduct got also "The Improved Conduct Award."
Grade Two:Nour Syala and Omar Sharkieh Grade Three:Mohammad Al Hussein and Rakan Al Khatib
Grade Four: Wassim Al Mohammad and Baraa Sidani
Grade Five: Mohammad Al Ghash , Mohammad Saleh , and Mahmoud Shokry
Grade Six: Amal Shmaissany ,Nadine Al Khalil , and Jihad Dabdoub

Well done! Keep up the right attitude!!

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Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Thank you Dounia for the post.You make me feel:
think of it
consider it done
: Thank u again
As to our distinguished students i congratulate you and I hope your good manners are catchy.I also extend my thanks to Mrs Lina cz she has done a good job with her form drawing and behaviour management techniques
Thank uuuuu