Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year Wishes From Our President

"I extend My Best Wishes and Greatest Hopes for good Health and Success To all Principals of Schools, Teachers, students, Staff and To Makassed Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Staff, and To Makassed Volunteers and To Makassed Scouts, and To all Administrative Staff and Social Workers, and To the Directors of Makassed, and To all PROUD MAKASSIDIYYIN. May this year be as great as all the years past... and may you build for the Golden Era of your Association" Mr. Amine Daouk

1 comment:

amine daouk said...

I thank you for your considerate wishes for the New Year 2010.

I wish you in return the continued successes in all you do, and I will not be surprised if KSPS will tripple its 2009 achievements, thanks to all of the Team of this pioneering Makassed school, who have been duly initiated by the leadership of the school...