Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Math is Fun!!

There are lots of creative ways to make math fun for your class.In fact,humor can serve as a motivation that leads to retention of material.Here are some ideas that I have used with my students during the first term.
1-Quadrilaterals:To summarize a lesson about quadrilaterals,I hold the shoebox in front of the class and say:"If you bend a rectangle, what quadrilateral do you get?"(Parallelogram). And so on to demonstrate square and rhombus.
2-Geometric Tools: Students made their own geometric tools (compass, protractor, setsquare,ruler) using clay.Then,they used sticks to show the relationship between lines (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting).Also,they used straws to form acute,obtuse and right angles.
3-The Decimal Dance:When teaching students to multiply decimals,I often find that they forget to place the decimal point.To help them remember to mark the decimal point,I use the decimal dance.I simply exaggerate the motion of counting decimal places.I make a large white arc under each digit until I have accounted for the correct number of decimal places.By calling this The Decimal Dance,students remember to account for decimal place value after multiplying decimals.
4-The class work wave: I motivate students to do their class work with the Class work Wave.If every student has completed his assignment,they take out their assignment sheets and wave them.Students enjoy this activity.
5-Memorizing the multiplication table: Students memorized the multiplication table by listening to multiplication songs.
6-Hats for angles: When teaching students to name angles, I found that they forget to place the symbol for angles ^,so I told students that angles can't exist without wearing hats!!


Maha Abadi said...

I love all your ways in teaching us miss Rawaa.

Ghina Al-Badawi said...
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Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Dear Rawaa,
First i would like you to know that i like your posts a lot.They have a special flavor. I agree to and encourage what you propose and do.In fact positive reinforcement should be our creed cz motivation is like a magic wand-you can never predict what it can transform.
Thank you for your post and keep up the good work!

Rana Sabbidine said...

Dear Rawaa,

Amazing ideas and activities. In fact, Mathematical concepts can be best acquired and practiced through real life situation activities.
By the way,the journals at ERC "Mathematics Teacher" and "Teaching Children Mathematics" contain various motivating activities that all Math teachers can use to get more and more creative ideas.

That's great Rawaa....

Rawaa Shehab said...

Dearest Mrs.Ghina,
I'm so glad u like my posts.Actually I believe that effective learning depends on motivating students to maintain their interest in the subject.With ur support I'll always keep up the good work.
Dear Mrs.Rana,
Thanks for supplying us with these interesting journals,I'm benefiting a lot.
Sweet Maha,I'm so glad to see a comment from one of the most intelligent students at KSPS.Hope u'll always be a super student:)

Maha said...

You made me too shy Miss Rawaa.Whatever Iam a super girl I wont be a genious like you.

Rana said...

Dear Rawaa, what you are doing is really great. I admire your creativity. The way you familiarize students with math and science concepts is very motivating. You are following the strategy of "Involve me and I'll learn and never forget." Well done!

Maha Abadi said...

Dear Miss Rawaa,
Math is Nice because u teach it to us.