Thursday, January 21, 2010

Math and Science Shiny Stars

And now here emerge our young scientists and mathematicians,the best achievers in the first trimester of this academic year.As they proved to be so diligent, persistent and determined to achieve their goal as being the best. We can’t say other than they did it, they did it!! I hope they’ll keep on with the same high competent spirit. Grade 4: Mohammad Shatila, Omar Wazzan, Inas Kanakri, Mounir Shmaissani, Hadi Nasser Grade 5: Sara Shehab,Mahmoud Saadeh, Nour Itani, Iman Shehab Grade6: Salem Shatila, Maha Abadi, Fatima Abo Akila,Amal Shmaissani, Mohammad Daouk. Congratulations!!!!


Maha Abadi said...

This congratulations should be to Miss Rawaa because she is the sun & she gives us some lights to be shiny stars.

Rawaa Shehab said...

Thanks a lot sweety,ur words mean a loooooot to me :)))))))))

Maha Abadi said...

you shouldn't say tank you because what I'm saying is the real.