Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Ambassador to the Seven Summits

January 19th marked a very important date for all Makassed grade six students. It was the day on which they had the valuable opportunity to meet Maxime Chaya, a true Lebanese hero and an inspirational role model. He gave students a great presentation about his rich experiences and exciting challenges and adventures. Students were all ears with eyes filled with admiration and awe to such a distinguished person, who developed a culture of ethics and lived by it. Mr. Chaya was excited to sign the Golden Book of each school and was more than happy to take pictures with students. Everything he said carried his message. Students were positively energized, they learned much about the life philosophy of a hero from Lebanon, they went back to their schools and classes with Maxim's words resounding in their minds: "Everyone has his own Everest." "You are a winner in the mind rather than in the body." “When you reach the summit, it is only half way.” “If your friend falls on one side, you fall to the other to save the whole group.” They know now that they can overcome all challenges through team work and through believing that ain't no mountain high; ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough, when you are aiming at the top Special thanks go to Mr. Maxime Chaya for providing our students with this first glimpse to meet with a national hero and sharing his amazing stories with them. Thanks should also be said to Miss Dounia Baddereddine who worked hard for this event and for Rawya, Hoda, Jancet, Zeina, Mazen, and everyone who made it such a successful event! Mrs. Rawya Shatila is preparing a wonderful slide show about this important event. Look forward to it!!


amine daouk said...

That man must have learned great lessons when he was quite close to meeting his maker

Thanks KSPS to follow up and arrange this meeting

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Thank you for being with us
As i told you b4, it was a beautiful morning, and your presence made it even more beautiful.