Thursday, March 18, 2010

نشاطنا فرحنا": يوم اللغة العربية"


Anonymous said...

سيدتي الرائعة شكرا على الجهد والتعب شكرا على التعاون .فأنت دائما بالنسبة لي الملهم والموجه والناقد البناء .

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Hoda, Jancet, Zainab, & Rola,
All of you did a great job; not forget Mirvat, Rawya and Rana!You were a great example of cooperation.
I especially liked the plays and the alphabet poem. Altough
we were misfortunate with the absence of Yehya,the kids were great in being able to deal with unexpected mishappenings.
Their lalalalalala is unforgettable :)
Kel 3am w antum bjkeir and hopefully next year we'll have the most special Mothertongue Day