Friday, March 05, 2010

To My Amazing Basketball Heroes,

My amazing basketball heroes,

"Winning takes desire, determination, discipline, and self sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don't win, how can you lose?" You are winners my young clovers. I want you to remember that the best achievement is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves. What I saw today was amazing team work, great skills, incomparable dedication and commitment. I saw the love of your friends cheering, jumping, drumming. Reem's & Amal's and Khadija's voices will probably be hoarse tomorrow. All that together is more than enough and more important to me.I am proud of you, each and everyone, Bob, Baadarani, Omar, Said, Mneimneh, Sidani, ibrahim you are our KSPS heroes. I am very proud of you. I am very proud of your coaches Abir and Shakib.They were also a great example of cooperation.

I love you all. Lift your spirit and think what you'll ask me to do for you..

A big celebration you will also have.

I do keep my promises.



Abir Alkoush said...

شكرآ مس غنى كلماتك أثّرت فيني!يد الله مع الجماعة!!والحمدالله فريقنا متّحد ومتماسك وبارع،لعبوا اليوم كتيرحلوبالمباراة النهائيةولفتوا أنظار الجميع!مبروك للكل وبهنيهم واحد واحد

amine daouk said...

My Word Ms Great Principal

I must say that you deliver the most adorable speech
It will lift any heart and make anyone proud to be your student and teacher.....and of course President of your Makassed

Thanks are due to the Team and Abir and Shakib

The Best To you all

and do tell me about what you will give them...

ASK MY KSPS TEAM... she's generous

amine daouk said...

adorable and EFFECTIVE speech

Anonymous said...

مبروك لكل ألفريق ألتي أسمع دا~مآ بفوزه , مبروك لكل من أشرف ودرب , وأخص بالزكر من ينثر عبير ألفوز ليهم , مبروك للجميع ول مس عبير........

mohammad_naccash said...

Congratulations khalil Shehab Basketball Team. You are super Heroes. Losing the final game is not a big deal. It was expected, after winning on Khalid Bin Walid School. You've played in one spirit. I'm just wondering Miss Ghina why the quarter time of the Match became Eight (8) minutes, while it was Five(5) minutes in the previous Matches.

Anyhow, Heroes you've done your best, You are Champions, we are proud u, no matter u got the golden Medals or the silver ones.
Again, and again, winning on Khalid Bin Walid Basketball team is the championship itself. Also we are so proud to be our Children, students in Khalil Shehab School.
A Big thanks for your coaches Abir , Shakib & The Creative principal Miss Ghina who supported you and shining your steps for this achievement.