Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nursery & KG1 Art Fair

Art is a major area of a child’s life where he can be himself, explore experiment, make decisions, and evaluate outcomes, all within the realm of creativity and independent thought. Art is as natural as sunshine and vital as nourishment. We mustn’t ignore it. If children use their imagination, they have great ones and put their minds to work in a very constructive way and bring a lot of good things to learning new skills. On mother's day, parents took a look at their children's art work and were amazed by their children's creativity.


amine daouk said...

That was a brilliant idea to bring parent's to their children's environment...let them live the atmosphere

an advanced move... always KSPS and of course Uthman... do that !!!

thanks zeina for sharing and caring

zeina shehab said...

Thank you our president for your comment. A teacher should always be caring and sharing especially if she was from makassed. We've learned from your continuous encouragement to be creative and passionate in our work.

zeina shehab said...
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Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Wellwritten post Zanzoun. Thank you for the idea of the art fair.Waiting to tell me how it went & sorry that i missed it.