Friday, March 26, 2010

Math is the BEST!

As the scholastic year moves on,students feel tired and less motivated.But pupils of KSPS reversed this equation and showed how much they are excited to learn. Here are some ideas I used with grade 5 students in the 2nd term to motivate them to study Math. 1-Every month I select 4 students as my helping hands during math sessions. At the end of each month,every helping hand will take a certificate as an appreciation for his help. 2- We celebrated the World Math Day “Love Math to Live Longer”. 3- We bought real life situations to class as in illustrating the concept of fractions with a cake. 4-Students formed circles, centers,radii,and diameters with their bodies. 5-Students watched an interactive powerpoint about fractions. 6- I invited some parents to attend an interactive Math session with their kids where they worked in groups together. 7-Students filled a questionnaire to check their opinion if they love math and what they like to change in math sessions.


Ghina Al-Badawi said...

If i ask you what is the best method of math teaching, what would you say? I anticipate you say a combination of several. As i have seen you are using cooperative learning, real life situations, problem solving,games, etc... and you are constantly encouraging your kids and giving them incentives. That's tremendous.Way to go Rawaa!

Rawaa Shehab said...

As you said, Mrs. Ghina, my answer would be a combination of all these teaching techniques and strategies but on top of them comes a very important aspect, that of motivation and encouragement. A student gives his best when he likes the subject and feels that he is offered care and attention. I believe that this is how we all work at KSPS. Thank you Mrs. Ghina for your constant encouragement and never stopping motivation.