Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Online Safety

Do you that around 3 billion people use the internet daily?!! Nowadays using the internet becomes very valuable and rich because it provides us with powerful means for connection, business, and communication, it also brings that world into our homes and our families. Thus, staying safe online means using the tools that can help you to control who and what comes in your computer, and to exercise your own good judgment about the people you choose to trust. For this reason a conference was held at AL- Jazaeri building on Saturday March 20th 2010 in the presence of Mr. Amine Daouk, Ms. Adla Shatila, Mrs. Ghina Al Badawi, and some Makassed teachers. The presenters were Mr. Nour Aldeen Khouy and Mr. Ihab Shidyak from Think Community/ Microsoft. The aim of this conference was to spread awareness among teachers and parents to apply offline educational and cultural norms to help decrease their children online risks and for children building a culture of online responsibility. Here are some useful links about the topics presented in the conference:


amine daouk said...

that is a very useful account of a valuable workshop

I am sure that the basics described are very important bases to the next phase of the program

I must congratulate all who attended, despite some possible responsibilities at home... this shows the wonderful professionalism of our Makassed family...I am an impressed person with you all.

Thanks Rawaa for the picture.... a few million people are going to see it... and will envy me


Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Dar miss adla, thank you for a much needed workshop.I think this session was of high priority to all.Although kids are becoming nowadays more computer sawy than adults, but they lack the critical skill of making wise decision as they are driven by curiosity among other things.We as educators and parents need to know the strategies of dealing with kids who encountered online problems so as to help keep them from slipping again.We need our kids to be safe from harrassments,online fights, threat, identity theft,and sexting among ither things.

I was really very excited about the content of the session. It was of good benefit.Thank you again.